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Come and join me on the mat!

Here, I will share my weekly classes and when & where you can find me. 

Classes are taught in English or Dutch.

Looking forward to meet you! 

Back in the studio in December!

Before I fly back to Thailand to teach for Path of Yoga,

 I will be back in Belgium during the month of December!!

Every week in December, I will announce on this page when and where to find me for some yummy yoga classes. And in the "workshops/trainings" tab, I also added my upcoming workshops. So, looooots of opportunities to meet up. You have no idea how excited I am to see you guys again on the mat! 

Book classes via

Adfysio Kessel-Lo

Saja Yoga

Sportoase Leuven

Pura Vida Tremelo 

Or ask me if you have questions or need help!

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Yoga styles



Tempo: Slow

Intensity: Low


Flow of movement

Tempo: Intermediate - Fast

Intensity: Medium - High


Less flow, more static

Tempo: Intermediate

Intensity: medium



Combination Yin/Vinyasa

Tempo: Slow - Intermediate

Intensity: Low - Medium


Combination Yoga/Pilates/Thai Chi

Tempo: Fast

Intensity: Medium - High 

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